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University of Ottawa

I would greatly appreciate if you could forward the announcement below to members of your group, or anyone else that you think would be interested. I’m looking for one postdoc and one student to work on a new project that will kick-off in March. Ideally, the incumbent will start sometime in 2022, preferably before fall. The Attosecond group at the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa is currently looking for motivated people (one postdoc and one graduate student) interested in working on high-field photonics on nanostructured surfaces and in quantum materials. Specifically, the project aims at developing a nanoscale focus of intense coherent Extreme Ultra-Violet radiation through the process of high-harmonic generation in dielectrics, with applications towards (i) nanoscale (linear and, possibly, nonlinear) imaging of heterogeneous dynamics in quantum materials, (ii) sub-cellular imaging of biological tissue and (iii) direct nanoscale laser writing. The project is a joint undertaking with Prof. Siwick (McGill) and Prof. Legare (INRS), with planned experiments combining high-harmonic spectroscopy and ultrafast electron scattering. Preliminary work can be found here: The candidate will join the world-renowned team of attosecond science at the NRC (, working in close contact with people such as Paul Corkum and David Villeneuve, as well as the Joint Center for Extreme Photonics ( The NRC hosts cutting-edge ultrafast infrastructure as well as extensive attosecond knowledge (both theory and experiments). These conditions put the candidate in a position to be highly productive from the start. The connection with the University of Ottawa is strong, and the group has ongoing fruitful collaborations with groups there. Ottawa also hosts the Max Planck-uOttawa Center for Extreme and Quantum Photonics (, cleanroom facilities, etc… For additional information, please get in touch with me at the address below.


February 22, 2022