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University of Calgary

NSERC scholarships and fellowships selection committees review all eligible PDF applications. The selection committees evaluate each application according to the selection criteria described in the Selection committee guide for Postgraduate Scholarships – Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships programs . Note that in order to address systemic barriers that limit the full participation of all talented individuals, NSERC aims for the proportion of short-listed or funded applications from those who self-identify as members of underrepresented groups to be at least similar to the proportion of applications received from these groups. This equalization process is performed as needed, and only amongst meritorious applications. The selection committees are organized according to the following broad discipline categories: cellular and molecular biology chemical, biomedical and materials science engineering chemistry civil and industrial engineering computing sciences electrical engineering evolution and ecology geosciences mathematical sciences mechanical engineering physics and astronomy plant and animal biology psychology


August 13, 2022

Royal Roads University

Working with Dr. Jaigris Hodson, Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Digital Communication for the Public Interest, a postdoctoral scholar will focus on digital information disorder in the public sphere, especially connected to climate justice and social inequality. Combining traditional social science and humanities methodologies with innovative approaches to knowledge production and mobilization, the objective of the postdoctoral fellowship will be to make sense of the colonial and humanist legacies of enlightenment thought on the problem of information disorder in terms of its origins, changes, and solutions.


June 12, 2021

University of Toronto

The Fields Institute Center for Quantitative Analysis and Modeling (CQAM) is seeking highly motivated individuals to work on modeling and data analysis projects associated with the Lab for Health Analytics and Multidisciplinary Modeling. You will work in a highly dynamic environment with exposure to world-leading academic experts as well as practitioners in the field of healthcare and related areas. You will build mathematical models and devise state-of-the-art computational tools to investigate health and biomedical phenomena using various simulation and modelling techniques.


May 30, 2021


data science in the broad sense, encompassing methodological research in data science (machine learning, operations research, statistics) and its applications in multiple sectors, including our priority sectors (health, transportation and logistics, energy, business, and finance) and any other sector of application (e.g., sociology, physics, linguistics, engineering)


April 29, 2021