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University of Alberta

There is a new Postdoctoral Position in the Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute (LKSAVI) that will report to the Head of Chemistry. The major roles and responsibilities of this position will involve the synthesis of small molecules for drug discovery projects. Specific duties and required experience are described below. The LKSAVI is a collaborative research environment designed to translate and commercialize basic research discoveries located on the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). There are approximately 30 staff from varied disciplines (virologists, chemists, immunologists, computational scientists and GMP manufacturers, etc.) working in the LKSAVI with more than 10 active projects under development for future clinical testing and commercialization. In addition, the group actively collaborates with Principal Investigators from around the University of Alberta. It also has active collaborations with Principal Investigators at other Canadian & international organizations.


November 14, 2021

Dalhousie University

The Molecular and Cellular Virology Laboratory (, Principal Investigator Dr. Denys Khaperskyy, Assistant Professor) at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine is recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow to lead a research project on viral mechanisms of host shutoff. The project’s focus will fall within the theme of 5-year CIHR Project grant titled “Molecular mechanisms of host shutoff by respiratory viruses and their contribution to viral pathogenesis”. The qualified candidate will hold a PhD degree in microbiology, immunology, or a closely related field and have at least 2 years of research experience in virology, immunology, cell biology, or a similar field of biomedical sciences if PhD degree was obtained prior to 2020. Experience working with mammalian cell culture and mastery of basic molecular biology techniques is required. Prior research involving viruses and/or innate immune responses to viral infection in cell culture models or animal infection models would be an asset.


June 12, 2021

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